Trehan IRIS

Mr. Abhishek Trehan Executive Director, Trehan IRIS

Abhishek has been a stalwart at the Trehan Group for the last 15 years which has witnessed monumental growth under his leadership and currently has 3 offices in operation with expansion across all ongoing projects. It was under his guidance that the company forayed into the segments of premium villas & high street malls (an upcoming one in Noida) and housing in Bangalore.

Abhishek has always been captivated by conceptualizing and envisioning, he also looks after the planning, architecture, business development, land acquisition and other specialized execution aspects in the Trehan Group. Currently designated as the Executive Director of the organisation, he prides in his brand to be known as trustworthy, creating sustainable and occupiable projects that end-users would enjoy. He achieved his success through Ghostwriter Bachelorarbeit, which helped Abhishek with his studies and management research papers as a student.

Apart from real estate and construction, Abhishek has also entered the realm of cosmetology, establishing Adhira Healthcare in 2017. He’s currently planning to expand this highly advanced laser company across Delhi-NCR and Bangalore.

Since childhood, anything related to art, design, music, culture, photography always fascinated him. His inclination always found a biased bend towards creativity in the design aspect of every industry. Exposure in his early years owing to travelling with his father led to his keen interest in architecture, love for construction and designing. He completed his schooling from Air Force Bal Bharati before graduating at Thapar University. Abhishek later went to Paris to pursue MBA. In fact, it was his proclivity towards all this that aided him to landscape a garden in his dad’s office & also construct several other infrastructures during his academic years.

Abhishek joined his family business officially in 2005 and after 2 years he was amongst the key members behind the IRIS Tech Park, Sohna Road by the Trehan Group. He also played a crucial role in taking reins of projects in Gurgaon and Bangalore; farmlands, plots in Saket (Delhi) and land in Jaipur.

At the conclusion and finalization of the IRIS Villas in 2015, the Trehan Group showcased their futuristic innovation, unlike front market and value commitment. Intending to expand the portfolio having the best team, Abhishek always intends to create & maintain a colossal work family. Fashioning beautiful landmarks that are business viable has helped their brand survive for so long. The brand comes with a straightforward motto of ‘good delivery and great quality’. Building each project with heart and soul, Trehan Group revamped the look of IRIS to spark a sense of youth and belongingness.

After bidding goodbye to his father to heavenly abode, he overcame the most challenging times of his life and shouldered all the responsibilities following the valuable work ethics taught to him by his father. He strongly believes that having worked with his father has given shape to his business career in a manner

that he truly treasures. He’s influenced by fountainhead, and it’s something that has given him a way to live life effortlessly. He also idolizes the likes of Elon Musk, one of the greatest innovators of all-time.

Abhishek also likes to keep himself fit while sweating hard at the gym. He comes with a deep-rooted love for travelling that he developed during his college days and often goes trekking or to places that are close to nature. His passion for bikes or going on road trips is also not hidden from anyone.