M G Felicity Nellore

M. G. Gopala Krishna, JMD- M. G. Brothers, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh








Gopala Krishna, is a 3rd Generation leader of the 90-year-old MGB Group. This young entrepreneur first entered into the automobile business on completion of his B. Tech degree. His thirst for knowledge in the field of business has led him to complete many business training programs since 2006. His business acumen and sharp analytical skills saw him quickly rise up to a leadership position within the MGB group. 

His belief that true growth happens only by stepping out of one’s comfort zone caused him to pursue avenues that were foreign to him. Accordingly, he stepped out of the shadows of the automobile industry and plunged himself into the unknown waters of construction and retail. By doing so, he personally took up the challenge of diversifying the business profile of the MGB group too. In 2013, he launched a project to build a mall in Andhra Pradesh. His project, the MGB Felicity Mall, was completed in 2016. It is one of the largest malls in Andhra Pradesh and is responsible for introducing many national and international brands in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh and the surrounding areas. It opened with great fanfare and maintains an impressive occupancy rate of 98% to date. 

Being an excellent orator, he has been invited to speak at multiple venues. He was invited to speak at the Activation Venues Forum, Indian Food Forum and India Fashion Forum & SCAI seminars. Additionally, he has spoken and inspired graduates at many colleges and esteemed institutions. He has participated in the formation of National Retail Policy presented by Kearney and CII through SCAI, key recommendations were made on formation of a separate single window regulatory body for shopping malls approvals and operations, taxation & relaxations, special finance arrangements, Powers supply regulations and on timings of operation. 

He is a Committee member of SCAI (Shopping Centres Association of India) for South India, a life time member of the Red Cross and has thrown himself into projects that help the underprivileged and support his local community. He is a disciple of the Heartfulness Institute where he serves as one of Directors also, which is a non-profit organisation created for the purpose of bringing spiritual enlightenment. The Heartfulness Institute is spread over 140 countries around the world with around 2.5 million seekers. 

Personal Achievements – 

  • Gopala Krishna received the prestigious – India’s Greatest Leaders 2018-19 Award at Pride of the Nation Summit – India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2018–19 & 12th Edition of Asian Business and Social Investor Forum 2018–19
  • He also received – National Award for Marketing Excellence for the category ‘Young Achiever Of the Year 2020’ by The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Asia.
  • ‘India 500 Quality Leader Awards 2020’, INDIA 500 is a National level recognition acknowledges the best 500 young entrepreneurs and MSME companies for their achievements and quality outcomes 


  • B Tech from Anna University, Chennai.
  • Harvard Business School Alumnus, Boston.
  • Doctoral Scholar at Indian school of Business, Hyderabad.

MGB Felicity Mall has won multiple awards. Some of these awards are:

  •    The ‘Best Upcoming Mall Award– South India’ by The Activation Venues Forum in 2017
  •    The ‘Most Number of Events Done (Non- Metro) Award’ by The Activation Venues Forum in 2018 (National Level)
  •    The ‘Most Admired Shopping centre of the year’ by Images Retail Forum 2019
  •    The ‘Best Mall Occupancy Optimisation Award’ by Images Retail
  • Forum 2018(National Level)

The ‘Best Festive Decor’ at the Activation Venues Forum- TAVF 2019.

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