City Centre Mall Nashik Pvt. Ltd (Sarda Group)


Joined the Sarda Group family business in 1996 and played a key role in diversifying the Sarda Camel & Kadak Bidi business. Instrumental in establishing a world-class dairy farm, Sarda Farms, and setting up its last-mile distribution for chilled milk. Pioneered Yogi Ayurvedic Products Pvt. Ltd., a leading GMP certified company engaged in manufacturing Ayurvedic products. Initiated the Sarda Group’s diversification in the hospitality industry with the launch of Apple Country, Manali, one of the highest-occupied hotels of Manali. As Director of TLC Relationship Pvt. Ltd. (a leading CRM services company for the hospitality vertical), led the technology aspect for CRM services.

Played a key role in setting up Nashik’s first mall, ‘The Zone’, integrating Retail, Entertainment and Leisure to attract national retailers to the city. Chairman of ‘City Center Mall Pvt. Ltd’, a 550,000 sq.ft. shopping center in Nashik, integrating retail, entertainment and food, which intends to create a world-class digital customer experience.

Chairman of Shreelekha Nagari Sahakari Adhikosh Ltd, a micro-finance society for over 12,000 women. Also involved in various non-profit and CSR activities. Aspires to enrich social sensibilities across the Sarda Group businesses.

Operational Malls

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