Malabar Commercial Plaza Pvt. Ltd

Afshin KP, Director, Mall of Travancore, Thiruvananthapuram

Afshin , a Postgraduate in Communication Engineering from University of York, is a multi-faceted professional in Real Estate and Health Industry have a decade of experience in Mall Management, Vendor Management, General Administration, Marketing & Business Development, Strategic Management, Financial Operations, People Management, Revenue Generation, CAM Management, Profit Center Operations, IT Solution, IT Infrastructure , Technology Management

He has in-depth understanding of Retail properties, retail property market and property management, Retail space planning and zoning of retail space

Being an effective communicator with strong decision making, analytical and problem solving skills in reviewing operations to reduce costs without compromising service, quality, health or safety standards.

He is an enterprising leader with skills in leading personnel towards accomplishment of common goals.

Operational malls

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Mall of Travancore – Thiruvananthapuram

DETAILS OF MALL Type of Mall: – Leased: 106; Partly Sold: 80 %; Space Usage: Retail/ Mixed Use Total Built Up Area...
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