Forum Projects Pvt. Ltd

RAHUL SARAF, Managing Director, Forum Group

Rahul Saraf is acknowledged, quite justifiably, as the Mall Man of the East by the India Today magazine. However, he began by revolutionising IT infrastructure in India.
Starting at the age of 22, Rahul Saraf precognised the importance of specialised infrastructure in emerging India. In 1996 he set up Infinity, Kolkata’s first computer-integrated building and the country’s second IT Park.

He also realised the impact organized retail would have on the Nation and decided to develop Forum Mall, Kolkata’s first shopping mall, which went on to win the prestigious “Brick and Mortar” Award. The unstoppable entrepreneur then developed Forum Mart in Bhubaneshwar, the country’s first shopping mall in a Tier III city. In 2013, he received theTieger Award for developing Technopolis, India’s first LEED certified IT Park and the first building on Earth to earn Carbon Credits. Not in Silicon Valley, USA; not in Germany, Europe; not in Shanghai, China. The first building in the world to earn Carbon Credits sits in Kolkata, India!

Currently he is involved in probably the most complex residential project being undertaken anywhere in Asia- or world today, ‘Atmosphere’. Atmosphere will be completed by 2015, and Mr Saraf is confident that this could ‘redefine architecture in India’ as this kind of construction has never been attempted anywhere in the world.

He is also making Serendipity- luxury residential apartments in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai in partnership with the Omkar Group. He wants to add a new vocabulary to the dreams of Mumbai, of exceptional design, of timeless architecture, of thoughtful spaces – all the raw materials of a better life.

The Forum Group is fuelled by his passion and dedication. Involved with the group from a young age, he led Forum to be one of the premier concept realty developers of India.

Rahul, who jokingly describes himself as a “virus in the system”, perpetually bubbles with energy and ideas. Each Forum project bears his imprint at every level — from concept to engineering and beyond. With his keen sense of aesthetics and insight into the finer aspects of living, he has an unerring instinct for spatial effects on human lives. Relentlessly tweaking designs and revamping plans, Rahul’spassion for perfection knows no bounds.

Rahul Saraf’s vision and determination have brought about a paradigm shift in the Nation’s architecture. Even after many awards and unequivocal appreciation, he remains committed to his dreams, focusing on creating meaningful spaces and humbly insisting that he has no special talent.